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Guest Curator Talk: Elka Jordanow



On 14.7.22, our 30th guest curator Elka Jordanow, founder and owner of Galerie Jordanow in Munich, which specialises in contemporary art with a focus on photography, will explain the reasons for her selection. to the photographers she has chosen in a Zoom talk.


  • - Elka Jordanow gave an overview of the current photo art market, especially from ART Karlsruhe.
  • - many global imponderables lead to a poor buying climate
  • - the photo market has still not established itself as a financial investment
  • - the precision of scanned objects with their narrow depth of field
  • - what makes the aura of a good picture?
  • - Trying to make the invisible visible and finding suitable metaphors
  • - Problem of selection, with a photo from a larger series of works the larger context is lost
  • - through the encounter of different positions, one expands one's understanding of other pictorial worlds


Host: Klaus Elle

Watch the recording on YouTube or Facebook.


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Guest Curator Talk | Elka Jordanow

Guest Curator Talk | Elka Jordanow

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