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Guest Curator Talk: Thomas Schirmböck



Our 33rd guest curator Thomas Schirmböck, freelance curator, editor and initiator of ZEPHYR Mannheim, explained the reasons for his selection in a Zoom talk on 27.10.22 to the photographers he has chosen. A central theme will be the question of the "female gaze".

  • A central theme was the question of the "female gaze": Does it exist? If so, what constitutes it?
  • We traced the historical roots of the term, questioned the concept of "gaze" and discussed whether a gender-specific difference might not rather be found in the approach or subject matter?
  • We illuminated the difference between photo and image, and between "female gaze" in the production and reception of a work.
  • Does socialization determine what is female or male?
  • Can a heterosexual definition be sufficiently effective? Shouldn't we rather talk about an "erotic gaze" that attaches itself less to gender than to sexual orientation?
  • An illuminating discussion with three generations of photographers that resulted in Thomas Schirmböck's insight: "Contradiction is important!"


Moderation: Boris Eldagsen

Watch the recording on YouTube or Facebook.


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Gastkurator*innen Talk | Thomas Schirmböck

Gastkurator*innen Talk | Thomas Schirmböck

Watch recording on YouTube


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