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Guest Curator Talk | Alfred Weidinger

Our 28th guest curator Alfred Weidinger, Managing Director of the Upper Austrian Provincial Culture explains the reasons for his selection to the photographers he has chosen in a Zoom talk.

In a Zoom conversation on 12 April 2022, he interviewed the members he had selected and our members interviewed him.

Topics were:

* How intuitive points of view have an elementary influence on the choice of images.

* that it is good to know about the biographical key data of a photographer so that one can classify the individual work

* that we are increasingly surrounded by digital parallel worlds that dramatically change our view of reality

* that much of the avant-garde art from the old GDR has been forgotten and now needs to be rediscovered

* that the photographs from the queer community represent a piece of emancipation for society - that the evaluation of photography is always connected to our own memories

* that it is a great challenge to make an essential selection from a huge volume of photographic image material

Moderated by Klaus Elle

You can watch the recording on YouTube or Facebook.

Use the YouTube subtitles to translate the German discussion.


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Guest Curator Talk | Alfred Weidinger

Guest Curator Talk | Alfred Weidinger

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