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Guest Curator Talk | Kristin Schrader



Our 27th guest curator Kristin Schrader (Kunsthalle Emden) selected 10 paintings from our members' portfolios.

In a Zoom conversation on 24 March 2022, 20:00 (CET) she interviews the members she has selected and our members interview her.

Topics were:

  • How photographs can be used to get into concrete action.
  • How modern media like Google Street View have developed a kind of semi-documentary view and how we deal with it in media discourse.
  • In which contexts do we present photographs, make them sensual-bodily experienceable - by taping the floor and stepping on the photos, as in Alex Heide's case?
  • How history itself can be experienced anew through incidental pictorial documents and clarifies deeper contexts - on the enigmatic connections between visual impulses and the subsequent photographic presentation strategies.

Moderation: Klaus Elle

Watch the recording on YouTube or Facebook.

The conversation is in German, but on YouTube you can generate English subtitles.


We would like to thank 'KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN – Förderprogramm für digitale Content-Produktion in Kultureinrichtungen' for their support. This funding project is supported by Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, NEUSTART KULTUR and Kulturstiftung der Länder.

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Guest Curator Talk | Kristin Schrader

Guest Curator Talk | Kristin Schrader

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