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Guest Curator Talk: Andra Spallart



Our 31st guest curator Andra Spallart, a collector of contemporary photography from Austria, classics of American and European photography and video art, will explain the reasons for her selection to the photographers she has chosen in a Zoom talk on 18/8/22.


  • - Andra Spallart talked about her motivation for collecting photography, how her collection has grown in size over the years and how some areas are now being specifically completed
  • - Spallart makes her entire collection available to curators, organises smaller and larger exhibitions herself and does this very intuitively with a sure hand.
  • - With Gottfried Jäger we reflected on generative photography and how the photographic means themselves become the subject of photography
  • - Lucia Simons uses the scanner to create her images and has established a new field which she calls SCANNOGRAM / furthermore, we discussed the importance of handling the photographic material and how the photographer consciously controls the process of IMAGE CREATION in his or her own sense.
  • - Interesting was also the question when a photo becomes a picture, what corresponds to the demands of the photographer and how highly differentiated this process is / this was brought to the short formula that a negative is the score and the photo is the performance.
  • - Joachim Schumacher reported on his diploma thesis in Essen and how his pictures wanted to record the changes in the Ruhr area at that time - and again and again the surprising observation that photographs are read and interpreted in completely different ways.


Moderation: Klaus Elle

You can watch the recording on YouTube or Facebook.


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Guest Curator Talk | Andra Spallart

Guest Curator Talk | Andra Spallart

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