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Guest Curator Talk: Roland Augustin



On 22.09.22 our 32nd guest curator Roland Augustin, Head of the Photographic Collection of the Saarlandmuseum / Moderne Galerie, curator and member of theDGPh, explained the reasons for his selection to the photographers he has chosen in a Zoom talk.


  • - Roland Augustin reported on the early connections of the Saarland Photo Collection with Otto Steinert, who worked and taught there after the war - a focus of the collection is therefore also subjective photography, Bauhaus photography and surreal motifs.
  • - Boris Becker reflects on his series "Constructions" and explains the process of how his found objects were staged in the context of his intellectual exploration of the subject of human technology.
  • - It is about the questions of photographic brilliant surfaces and inner sense making .
  • - Birte Kaufmann's photographs are about the degree of staging, what is authentic, where does the photographer intervene directly and indirectly in the picture and how do we classify this aesthetically?
  • - Sinje Dillenkofer revolves around the theme of nature man, how does the nastur reflect the interventions of man and what does that say about our relationship to nature? It is about the eternal ambivalence, about typologies, about structures that illustrate human behavior patterns.
  • - Hartmut Nägele uses his landscape painting to explain his translation work of inner, emotional involvement in the world, in nature, and the unconscious tracking down of an adequate motif. - Andreas Langen describes in his Auschwitz photographs the connection between banality and horror, how history becomes a backdrop.
  • - Simone Demandt unmasks the seduction strategies of the automobile industry with her series.


Moderation: Klaus Elle

Watch the recording on YouTube.


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Guest Curator Talk: Roland Augustin

Guest Curator Talk: Roland Augustin

Watch the recording on YouTube.


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