Roland Augustin

Short Bio

Roland Augustin is an art historian and was born in 1963. He studied at the University of Trier and at the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht. He completed his doctorate in 19994 on the subject of "The Taste of the New: the Motif of Tobacco Smoking and its Modernity in Dutch Art". Since 1994, he has worked at the Saarlandmuseum, where he has been in charge of the Photographic Collection for many years. He has been in charge of the Photographic Estate of the photographer Monika von Boch, which is part of the collection of the Modern Gallery. He has curated numerous exhibitions in the context of photography and is a member of theDGPh. At the same time, he looks after the inventory database at the Saarlandmuseum and organises the digitisation of the collection holdings and their dissemination in the relevant portals.

Curatorial Statement

  • 'I react to images when I recognise something symptomatic of our time from my point of view, and this is simply and clearly visually realised. I have not set a catalogue of criteria, but observe my reaction to what I see.
  • In the past I have had good experiences with this and observed that the choice made in this way often results in quite strong groups of images. With my current selection, I also asked myself how the individual pictures might fit together. But here, too, I am quite satisfied with my curiosity-driven approach.
  • I think it's important that each image, even if it's part of a series, works well as a single image.'

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curator's choice

© Gottfried Jäger | Auswahl (1962 - 2011)

© die arge lola (Kai Loges + Andreas Langen) | Nebenan Auschwitz - Die Nachbarschaften der Lager Auschwitz I - III (2012 - 2017)

© Boris Becker | Konstruktionen (1993 - heute)

© Birte Kaufmann | The Travellers (2011- 2015)

© Sinje Dillenkofer | Inversion (2010 - 2019)

© Andreas Gefeller | Supervisions (2002–2009)

© Matthias Jung | Revier (2012 bis heute)

© Hartmut Nägele | Places (2007 - 2014)

© Meinrad Schade | Krieg ohne Krieg: Fotografien aus der ehemaligen Sowjetunion (2003 – 2012)

© Simone Demandt | L.i.t. (Landschaft ist tröstlich) (1992 - heute)

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