Franziska Schmidt

Short Bio

Franziska Schmidt is an art historian and has worked for over 20 years as a curator, author and expert in the field of photography, including for the Moritzburg Foundation in Halle/Saale, the Museum Folkwang Essen, Kupferstich Kabinett Dresden and the Munich City Museum. Schmidt was director of the Galerie Berinson in Berlin, managing director of the Museum für Photographie in Braunschweig, director of photography auctions at Grisebach Auktionen and the Galerie Parterre in Berlin. She is currently curating an exhibition on the female artists' group Erfurt 1984 - 1994 for the nGbK Berlin, together with Susanne Altmann, Kata Krasznahorkai, Christin Müller and Sonia Voss.

Curatorial Statement:

'Image Narratives: The visual experience of a photograph is capable of unfolding in countless little stories. Starting from a single moment, regardless of whether it is a slice of reality or an arrangement, the captured image breaks free from its torpor and begins to tell its own story. Each camera view holds so many intangible things that begin to interweave in a mysterious way, as if following an inner melody or dramaturgy. Hints, references, associations in the pictorial gestures as well as details encourage us to pause and reflect, can focus and open up and thus guide the pictorial events. Background, context - all this seems meaningless for a moment. In the choreography and composition of the different views, we encounter our own view of the events, which is also reflected in the moods of the pictures - delicate, poetic, thoughtful, sober, questioning, also meaningless. Photography is never just an image, but can do so much more. It is a medium between worlds, also realities. What is true, what is untrue, what is serious, what is not. Photography moves and touches all the senses.'

Portrait: ©Amelier Losier, 2017

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