Erna Fiorentini

Short Bio

As a frontier runner between the natural sciences and the humanities, Erna Fiorentini has long focused her research and teaching on the history and theory of seeing and visualization as components of knowledge and aesthetics. In the process, she has been and is virtually forced to constantly deal with questions of photography. Following the Free University of Berlin, the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, and the Humboldt University of Berlin as the main stations of her work, she now teaches and researches at KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Erna Fiorentini online: KIT | | LinkedIn

Curatorial Statement

'There is nothing that is really visible, at least not equally visible to all. And there is nothing that cannot be made visible, even if not equally visible to all.

This is the white ray of light that connects the images of my selection. But you break it up into innumerable facets like in a kaleidoscope. Thus, these photographic images sometimes allow the 'vividness' of the non-visible - of the intangible, of time, of memories and premonitions that otherwise cannot be physically seen. They often bring to light the visibility of the invisible, but only when perception, imagination and imagination are challenged. Finally, they also demand an interpretation of the everyday visible, which can conceal quite different visual worlds beyond appearances.'

Photo: © Private | Erna Fiorentini, taken on 1 June 2020.

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© Petra Böttcher & David Heke | pARTners (2008 - heute)

© Ralf Cohen | Menschen (1987 - 1997)

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© Emanuel Raab | KörperBild (2013)

© Florian Beckers | Night Scenes - Part 2 (1999 - 2019)

© Amin El Dib | GelatineSilberLichtKarton (2002-2006)

© Andreas Gefeller | The Backside of Light (2016 - heute)

© Gottfried Jäger | Auswahl (1962 - 2011)

© Tania Reinicke | Vorrichtung zur Wahrnehmbarmachung von optischen Bildern durch den Gefühlssinn (2017)

© Eva Schmeckenbecher | The Wall (2017)

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