Krzysztof Candrowicz

Short Bio

Krzysztof Candrowicz - curator, researcher and art director. He is the founder and former director of the International Festival of Photography in Lodz, the Foundation of Visual Education and the Lodz Art Center in Poland. In 2015 and 2018 he was artistic director of the Triennial of Photography in Hamburg. Currently working as a curator at Lodz Fotofestiwal and at Ci.CLO Bienal in Porto, Portugal.

In the past years, he was a member of the jury of various art projects. Currently, he is working as a guest curator, consultant, and visiting lecturer for numerous organizations, museums, schools and festivals in Europe and worldwide. He lives in Lodz and Porto.

Portrait: © Mafalda Ruão

Curatorial Statement:

‘Dead-end in paradise

Are we awaiting a transition to a new order? A new normality? New mythology, a complete rearrangement of values? Or rather a resolution in the form of, a new shock doctrine, new mental drought, a quick fix to survival, or slow havoc and extinction? Will humanity take the route of acceleration or deceleration, integration or breakup, an information cyclone or instead a calm and reflective meditation?

Will increasing inequality get us into a dead-end road with the speed of the falling domino? Or will the world after the crisis - alleged post-normality, post-globalization - conduct us to a new digital post-reality, lacking material representation? Or will social distancing push life into small, safe enclaves and archipelagos, strengthening the sense of belonging and community?

Who will produce and distribute our new experiences? Who will provide new filters for us to see? Will it be the well-known mythology of Enlightenment that will deliver this new fiction of progress? Yes, may it be… faster, sooner, earlier… straight to the promised paradise, in search of the last tangible experience and the last piece of soil without concrete.’

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