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Archival Item Of The Month | April 2022



New additions to the archive: Auto/Biographies of Photographers of the GDL/DFA.

The move of the DFA to Mannheim brought a pleasant encounter at the first meeting in November 2021: Ina Pargeter handed over to the archive the autobiography of her father Robert Häusser: "Schwarz und Weiß. Geschichten mit und ohne Fotografie" (Black and White. Stories with and without photography), published in 2013.

Annegret Soltauhad already sent her biography to Mannheim by then. "Annegret Soltau: Ich war total suchend" (Annegret Soltau: I was totally searching), also published in 2013, was written by her husband Baldur Greiner.

And at the beginning of this year, we received the biographical notes of Theo Schafgans, which the Schafgans Archive kindly donated to the DFA. "Six Decades Behind the Camera. My Life as a Photographer" was published in Volume 36 of the Bonner Geschichtsblätter in 1984.

Photography and text flow beautifully into each other in these writings and form a double identity. For the archive, moreover, this has opened up a new field of collection. We are happy to receive any references to biographical/autobiographical texts and publications on our member photographers as well as donations of the same to the archive.

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