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DFA Podcast #28 | Annegret Soltau: Body, Art, Career



Annegret Soltau: Body, Art, Career

The photographic artist Annegret Soltau is currently experiencing great international recognition and appreciation of her 50 years of work. She has been a member of the German Photographic Academy since 1988.

Annegret Soltau's artistic signature is unique. In her "photo stitchings", she collages torn pieces of photos into new, meaningful images and sews them together with a thread. Her themes are unerring: existential human ego states, life cycles such as age and birth, body, gender and identity. Annegret Soltau realises all of this from a woman's perspective and in relation to society: cracks and what can heal them.

In conversation with Corinna Weidner, the pioneer of feminist photography talks about:

her unconventional path, groundbreaking performances and feeling the thread; hurdles and censorship (by Siegfried Unseld / Suhrkamp Verlag, among others), persevering and moving on; the relevance of the body and the imprint of war. And why the photos "Generativ" also represented a liberation for her mother and grandmother.

The Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main is dedicating a comprehensive retrospective to Annegret Soltau from 7 May - 17 August 2025.

53 min

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© Annegret Soltau | "Dagegen gehen, 6", 1977-1979, Photo Etching, 58 x 48 cm
© Annegret Soltau |"Generative with daughter, mother and grandmother, 110", 1994-2005, Photo-Stitching, 262 x 382 cm

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