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Through the exhibition with // Alex Heide: "15 Years IBB-Awardins", Kommunale Galerie Berlin



What happens when two photography enthusiasts with different focuses and preferences visit an exhibition, exchange ideas about it and share it with others via an Insta Livestream?

Alex Heide visited the exhibition "15 years IBB_Prize for Photography" at the Kommunale Galerie Berlin with Boris Eldagsen (DFA) on 4.1.23. Both streamed this visit live on Instagram - so that Alexander Hagmann (dieMotive) and everyone watching can discuss the exhibition with them. This time, we're going to an exhibition that, at first glance, doesn't come with an introductory text, title or explanation of the works on display. Whether Heide, Eldagsen and Hagmann nevertheless manage to engage with the works is shown in the conversation at the end of the recording with the initiator of the exhibition and first IBB prize winner, Norbert Wiesneth.

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About the exhibition:

Since 2007, the IBB Prize for Photography has been offered and awarded annually by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) in cooperation with the Freundeskreis der UdK Berlin | Karl Hofer Gesellschaft e.V. to promote young talent. IBB is the sponsor of this photography prize. For 15 years now, this prize has supported outstanding students and graduates of the Berlin University of the Arts. This photo award has steadily gained in reputation. To document and honour this development, the Karl Hofer Society, together with Investitionsbank Berlin and Kommunale Galerie Berlin, is organising a group exhibition of previous IBB award winners: Clara Bahlsen, Göksu Baysal, Mike Bourscheid, Julian Charrière und Julius von Bismarck, Dana Engfer, Judith Dorothea Gerke, Andreas Greiner, Elizabeth Hepworth, Fee Hollmig, Yuni Kim, Cyrill Lachauer, Simon Menner, Victoria Tomaschko, Ulrich Urban, Raul Walch, Norbert Wiesneth.

The exhibition provides an overview of the award-winning works as well as current works by the IBB award winners. An exhibition by the Freundeskreis der UdK Berlin | Karl Hofer Gesellschaft e.V. in cooperation with IBB – Investitionsbank Berlin and Kommunale Galerie Berlin.

Keyimage: Norbert Wiesneth

The exhibition runs until 29. Januar 2023: Kommunale Galerie Berlin, Hohenzollerndamm 176, 10713 Berlin

About Alex Heide:

'I work as an artist with the media of photography, performance and video. Physical seeing, the communicative quality of the encounter and the aesthetics of the process are essential themes of my work. I am a freelance photographer, give workshops in which I explore artistic strategies especially in dealing with photography and am curatorially active in an exhibition and artist collective (...). I use and understand photography as a performative approach. Immersion in social structures and spaces, in private life and interpersonal relationships is my starting point for re/producing and reflecting on communication with and through the means of analogue colour photography. The question is no longer "What do I reveal photographically?", but "How do I use and show photography?". For me, touching, confronting, confronting, sensing, desiring and repeating are ways of generating photographic images, but also of imagining them. Acting on and with one's own body takes place both during the mutual encounter with and through the apparatus and during the solitary image-making process in the darkroom.'


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Through the exhibition with // Alex Heide: "15 Years IBB-Awardins", Kommunale Galerie Berlin

Through the exhibition with // Alex Heide: "15 Years IBB-Awardins", Kommunale Galerie Berlin

Watch the recording on YouTube:


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