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Editing Challenge | Wolfgang Zurborn vs. Delphine Bedel



Photo book expert Wolfgang Zurborn competed against Delphine Bedel (artist, lecturer, editor and publisher "Meta/Books") to create a book dummy from the visual material "It was forever until it was no more" by Marylise Vigneau. In the Zoom Talk, the experts present their approach and discuss their results with the audience. Finally, Marylise evaluates the book dummies. If you've always wanted to look over the shoulder of experts editing photo books, you'll get an insight into the art of the photo book.

Delphine Bedel is an artist, lecturer, editor and publisher, who specialised in emerging practices in photography, design and publishing. Her work is exhibited internationally. Meta/Books, her publishing studio and research platform, is an experimental framework to publish art, theory and design and promote a new generation of artists and designers. A longtime advocate of a more inclusive environment in the art and design field, Bedel is cofounder of Engagement Arts NL and The Roadmap for Equality in the Arts in the Netherlands. She is a board member of the Auteursbond, section Journalism/Non-fiction and a Member of the German Photography Academy (DFA). She was a member of the Advisory Board of the Mondriaan Fonds and is an alumni from the Rijksakademie. Known for her cutting-edge publications and feminist education projects, Delphine Bedel works with leading cultural institutions and art and design academies. She has lectured, served as a jury member and portfolio reviewer for museum and festivals including Musée National d’Art Moderne Paris (FR), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL), Rosfoto Museum and PhotobookFest Moscow (RU), Whitechapel Gallery, London (UK), Rencontres d’Arles (FR), Unseen (NL) and Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH). She has taught at the Geneva University of Art and Design (CH), Design Academy Eindhoven, Kunsthochschule Kassel (DE), Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute (NL) among others. She (co)curated the path-breaking trilogy on post-colonialism. ‘Shared History /Decolonising the Image’ at W139 and Arti & Amicitiae, Amsterdam, ‘Beyond Paradise’ at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and ‘The Experience of Atopia’ for Breda Photo festival. She was PhD Researcher at UCA – University for the creative Arts (UK), and contributes to books and magazines.

Wolfgang Zurborn is a DFA board member and founder of the Cologne Lichtblick School. He is internationally known for his photo book workshops.

Marylise Vigneau is an award winning documentary photographer and author usually based between Austria and Pakistan. Raised in a Parisian family with many skeletons in its cupboards, Marylise Vigneau developed an early taste for investigation and justice. At la Sorbonne, her “Compared Literature” thesis was about cities as characters in Russian and Central-European novels; where and when the clearest narrative gets lost in a heady, haunting uncertainty. Despite her fascination with literature, her mode of expression has become photography over time, without her knowing precisely why - maybe the mix of precision, immediacy, truth, and lies which is behind every image. What attracts her first and foremost is how human beings are affected by borders, both physical and mental, this fugitive space where an unexpected, bold and fragile act or a glimpse of freedom can arise. She works preferably on long term projects to better explore memory and place.



© Marylise Vigneau
© Marylise Vigneau
© Marylise Vigneau
Photobook dummy by Wolfgang Zurborn
Photobook dummy by Delphine Bedel

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Editing Challenge | Wolfgang Zurborn vs. Delphine Bedel

Editing Challenge | Wolfgang Zurborn vs. Delphine Bedel

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