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With: Inka Schube, Sprengel Museum Hannover



"Writing & Talking about Photography" (IV)

Guest: Inka Schube, Sprengel Museum Hanover

Thursday, 17.02.22, 21:00 - 22:00 (CET) on @deutschefotografischeakademie

Boris Eldagsen (DFA) and Alexander Hagmann ( talk to Inka Schube about the communication and mediation of artistic photography (in German but you can use the English subtitles on YouTube).

In the process, Inka Schube answers questions like 'Which book would you like to produce, if you had free choice? Did it ever happen that you couldn't write or say anything about a work? If curators are, as you describe, archaeological collectors of shards of the present who assemble them into constructions of meaning - where and how do you dig for these shards and what are the constructions of meaning guided by?'. Inka Schube explains why the idea of the "time capsule" is so important to her and what the needs of museum visitors in 2035 might be.

Inka Schube is curator of photography at Sprengel Museum in Hanover. She is the founder of Brotfabrik Berlin, and studied art history, cultural theory and classical archaeology at Humboldt University, Berlin.

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