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With: Friedrich Loock, Gallery Loock Berlin



'Artistic Photography & Market' (V)

Guest: Friedrich Loock, Galerie Loock Berlin

Wednesday, 02.02.22, 21:00 - 22:00 (CET) on @deutschefotografischeakademie

Boris Eldagsen (DFA) and Alexander Hagmann ( talk to Friedrich Loock about the development of the photo art market and the role of photography in contemporary art. How Loock came to represent Alec Soth or many prominent East German photographers such as Sibylle Bergemann, Ulrich Wüst or Manfred Paul, and what he thinks of the NFT hype.

Friedrich Loock has been working as a gallery owner for more than 30 years. His gallery of the same name represents contemporary international artists from various disciplines, including photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and video.

The conversation is in German, but you can watch the recording on youtube with subtitles.

English-language podcast mentioned in the talk about Loock's beginnings as a gallery owner:

English article mentioned in the talk that explains blockchain and NFTs:

Watch recording on Instagram.

Watch recording on YouTube.


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