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Reverse Portfolio Walk | Sam Evans x Ute Behrend

The Reverse Portfolio Walk: Finalists of the Portfolio Walk discuss the portfolio of a DFA member in a Zoom Talk. The DFA member discusses the work of the young talent. This develops into a dialogue between the young talent and the DFA member.

  • This time with Sam Evans and Ute Behrend. In the very intensive and open conversation, many commonalities were discussed. Here, the focus was on topics such as the link between nature and the body, the conception of shelters as well as perspectives on the representation of the female body - It is particularly remarkable that both artists create a counterweight to sexualisation in their representations. In this way, they open up a perspective that goes hand in hand with the possibility of unfolding strength and freedom.
  • Host: Thekla Ehling.

About the participants:

Sam Evans

  • In my photography I relate the body and nature to each other. I am increasingly concerned with artefacts, rituals, memories, imaginary constructs and the environment. Circuits, protective mechanisms, human rawness and the significance of places play a central role.
  • Through planning and staging, the images are meant to feel both abstruse-otherworldly and authentic. To enhance this feeling and expand the notion of photography, I experiment with various analogue developing techniques, post-colourisation methods and alternative as well as installation presentation possibilities. I often combine other media such as painting and sculpture with my photographs to remove their reference to reality and instead place them in my own imaginary cosmos and context.
  • My Website:

Ute Behrend

  • After training as a carpenter, I decided to study photography with Andrè Gelbke in Dortmund. With the help of the DAAD, I spent some time in Leipzig in 1990 at the Hochschule für Grafik - und Buchkunst. After graduating, Scalo Verlag published my first book: Girls some Boys and other Cookies. Since then, a total of 5 of my monographs have been published by various publishers. I enjoy living in Cologne and working there as an artist, curator and publisher.
  • Fiction that refers to reality is my constant theme. My visual language eludes clear narrative structures. For the viewer, it remains open to associations and individual narrative levels. This is particularly evident in my works with pairs of pictures.

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Reverse Portfolio Walk | Sam Evans x Ute Behrend

Reverse Portfolio Walk | Sam Evans x Ute Behrend

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