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Archival Item of the Month | March/April 2024



Resignation of Willy Moegle, letter dated 4 June 1963, 1 page

Resignations from positions on the board, the presidium or other central functions not only cause great unrest in the association, but above all they naturally raise the question of why. What happened and what predetermined breaking points come to light?

Official resignation letters usually provide little information, but the correspondences in the temporal context do, even if you sometimes have to work through them like Hercule Poirot in order to recognize connections and motives. When Willy Moegle resigned from the jury after eleven years, he cited the lack of trust in Otto Steinert. 11 days later Steinert replied with the classic polite phrases (sincere regret, respect, honour, miss). But it is interesting, that Steinert writes what he has been told by others: Moegle will continue to actively participate in the exhibition group.

This is where the real blessing lies: members give up their position, but do not completely stop their commitment. Steinert acknowledged his resignation from the chairmanship, which he was demanded in 1974, by leaving. Moegle remained active in the DFA almost until his death in 1989.


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