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With Olaf Otto Becker (DFA)



"Artistic Photography & Market" (I)

Guest: Olaf Otto Becker (DFA)

Our first guest is photo artist Olaf Otto Becker @olaf2685 (DFA), who talks to us on 18.08.21 about the saleability of photo art and shares his tips and tricks for dealing with galleries, collectors, museums and other players. In German language.

Watch recording as IGTV on Instagram.

Watch on YouTube.


Instagram Talks

Emerging from the "Instagram Speed Talks" of the DFA-FOTODIALOGE in October 2020 and April 2021, Boris Eldagsen (DFA) and Alexander Hagmann (dieMotive) continue their talk series. This time they will discuss the topics "Artistic Photography & Market" and "Writing & Talking about Photography" with guests. Live on Instagram and for everyone to join in.

2x a month, always on Wednesdays, always at 21:00, and in German language. More info here, via our newsletter and on Instagram.


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DFA press materials:

DFA Instagram Talk | Olaf Otto Becker (DFA)

DFA Instagram Talk | Olaf Otto Becker (DFA)

Recording as YouTube video.


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