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Guest Curator Talk: Sebastian Lux



On 23. May 2022, our 29th guest curator Sebastian Lux, Director of Stiftung F.C. Gundlach in Hamburg, curator and author, explains the reasons for his selection to the photographers he has chosen in a Zoom discussion.


Johanna Jackie Baier, Olaf Otto Becker, Ralf Cohen, Dörte Eißfeldt, Klaus Elle, Joachim Hildebrand, "die arge lola" (Andreas Langen and Kai Loges), Ulrich Mertens, Loredana Nemes and Eva Schmeckenbecher.

  • Themes:
  • - The photographer collects photographic sketches and afterwards has to compose them into a complete picture
  • - When the surface of the photograph is skinned, the inner motives of the photographer are expressed
  • - Photography is used to transform living matter into photogenic specimens - The special importance of titling a photographic work, through which the viewer can calibrate his or her mental focus
  • - Sometimes making pictures is about how to make the un-showable showable
  • - In photographic work, it is often possible to approach the unfamiliar with care.
  • - When you have taken masses of photographs on a theme, you often lack the distance to distil the essence of your work, so a curator can be a great help in the selection process.
  • - It is possible to use flash to bring something clearly into focus, but it is also possible to obscure the whole scene.
  • - Certain works live especially from the feel of the photographic paper
  • - Despite all the mental charge of a motif, one should never lose sight of the actual aesthetic power of a photograph, that is what makes up the aura of a good picture.

Moderation: Klaus Elle

Watch the recording on YouTube or Facebook.


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Guest Curator Talk | Sebastian Lux

Guest Curator Talk | Sebastian Lux

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