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Editing Challenge | Wolfgang Zurborn vs. Nico Baumgarten



January 14th, 7 PM (CET)

The Editing Challenge was the most popular online format in 2020. Now it returns at regular intervals. Photo book expert Wolfgang Zurborn competes against Nico Baumgarten to make a book dummy out of Ruth Stoltenberg's image material. In the Zoom Talk, the experts present their approach and discuss their results with the viewers. Finally, Ruth Stoltenberg evaluates the book dummies. If you've always wanted to look over the shoulder of experts editing photo books, you'll get an insight into the art of the photo book here. The conversation is in German, but you can watch the recording on YouTube with subtitles.

Nico Baumgarten is a German freelance photographer and bookbinder who self-publishes photo books. He studied photography at IDEP in Barcelona and bookbinding at CFP Bauer in Milan. Baumgarten has taught photography and bookbinding in Berlin, Riga, Caracas, Rio De Janeiro, Istanbul, Amsterdam and Paris.

Wolfgang Zurborn is a DFA board member and founder of the Cologne Lichtblick School. He is internationally known for his photo book workshops.

Watch the recording on YouTube or Facebook.

Check out Wolfgang Zurborn's book dummy on issuu.

Find Nico Baumgarten's dummy as a download below.

Nico also provided us with this great link list:

Photographing 'the Other':

Photo Books:


Photo books on the subject of introspection based on an environment that cannot be defined more precisely:

editingchallenge Kopie.jpg

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DFA press materials:

Nico Baumgarten | Blossoming at Dusk

Nico Baumgarten | Blossoming at Dusk

Nico Baumgarten's photo book dummy, based on photographic material by Ruth Stoltenberg.


PDF Presentation

EDITING CHALLENGE | Wolfgang Zurborn vs. Nico Baumgarten

EDITING CHALLENGE | Wolfgang Zurborn vs. Nico Baumgarten

Recording on YouTube


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