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DFA-Podcast #9 | Johanna Diehl



DFA Podcast #9

Johanna Diehl: The presence of absence

Asking questions that cannot be answered. Berlin-based photographer Johanna Diehl, a member of the German Photographic Academy since 2018, investigates complex social conditions with intriguing artistic means.

In the podcast with Andreas Langen, she talks about her grandmother's diaries, which inspired her to create a series of completely abstract colour surfaces, as well as her family's involvement in the history of the 20th century: from Nazi allegiance to the economic miracle and the founding of the "documenta" by her great-uncle Arnold Bode.

All this is reflected in cool still lifes as well as old holiday slides, with the shattering of bourgeois harmony culminating in a music video in which ashtrays, sugar tongs and cocktail skewers rock a concert grand piano.

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Note to our English-speaking subscribers: This talk is in German, but if you watch the recording on YouTube, you can have English subtitles generated.


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DFA-Podcast #9 | Johanna Diehl: The Presence of Absence

DFA-Podcast #9 | Johanna Diehl: The Presence of Absence

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