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With: Susanne Breidenbach, Galerie m, Bochum



'Artistic Photography & Market' (VI)

Guest: Susanne Breidenbach, Galerie m, Bochum

Wednesday, 23.03.22, 21:00 - 22:00 (CET) on @deutschefotografischeakademie

Boris Eldagsen (DFA) and Alexander Hagmann ( talk to Susanne Breidenbach about the development of the photo art market and the role of photography in contemporary art. This Instagram Talk even comes with a follow-up: after one hour, we still had so many questions burning under our nails that we spontaneously extended it for another hour. The conversation is in German, but you can watch the recording on youtube with subtitles.

In the first part, we talk about the history of the gallery, the collectors, the relationship between single images and series, whether there is a difference between documentary photography and art and what kind of photography inspires our guest: Lucinda Devlin, Evelyn Hofer, Thomas Florschuetz.

In the second part, Ingo Taubhorn (DFA President and curator of the House of Photography, Deichtorhallen Hamburg) joins the round. We talk about ParisPhoto, the relationship of interests between galleries and museums and why Susanne deliberately works past the trend. We try to define trends and distinguish them from waves and attitudes. We discuss the value of a vintage print and ask Susanne if, in her almost 40-year career, a collector ever came to exchange a photographic work due to faded colours.

Watch recording on Instagram: Part 1 / Part 2

Watch recording on YouTube: Part 1 / Part 2

About the gallery:

'Gallery m

Since its foundation over 50 years ago in 1969, Galerie m in Bochum has held a firm position in the international art world with its commitment to contemporary art. Susanne Breidenbach has been the owner of Galerie m since 2003. Together with her colleagues Julia Sonnenfeld-Wurthmann, Katja Tallner and Henrike Macheit, she shows photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and also spatial or video installations.

Our work for art

In close cooperation with national and international artists and the estates of Evelyn Hofer, Barbara Köhler, Dirk Reinartz and Kuno Gonschior, we realise exhibitions in the large, bright gallery spaces. We also cooperate with museums and exhibition houses in Germany and abroad, thus contributing to a lively cultural landscape. We cultivate long-term, trusting cooperation with the artists we represent. We are interested in the individual artistic development, which we accompany in a continuous exchange.

We attach particular importance to personal contact and the communication of artistic positions in terms of content, especially when selling the works. We accompany the establishment and development of private, corporate and museum collections individually and intensively. Together with the collectors, we sound out where the interest, the focal points and the potentials lie.

We maintain an active loan relationship with numerous renowned exhibition houses in Germany and abroad and invest a great deal of time in the joint planning and realisation of exhibition projects. In this way, the artists we represent become accessible to a large audience.

Where to find us Galerie m, with its spacious, bright exhibition rooms, is located in Bochum's Schlosspark Haus Weitmar, where a multifaceted venue for art has been created. With the Situation Kunst and the Museum unter Tage, there is an extensive museum complex in the immediate vicinity.

The gallery itself, with its light-flooded rooms and its garden and inner courtyard, offers a special atmosphere that invites you to immerse yourself in art in a concentrated way. We are happy to show works from the collection and photographic prints from the archive at an individual appointment, in addition to the art currently on display. In this way, personal interest can be deepened and previously unknown works can be discovered.

Galerie m regularly participates in Art Düsseldorf and the photo fair Paris Photo. There, our team looks forward to personal contact with collectors from all over the world and the opportunity to exchange ideas with curators.

History In 2003, Susanne Breidenbach took over the gallery, having started working there in 1985. Today, Galerie m Fotografie, which she founded in 2000, is part of Galerie m. Founded in 1969 by Alexander von Berswordt as a gallery for New Concrete Art, Film, Photography and New Media, the building was planned by the architect Peter Forth in 1972 and opened in 1974 as a spacious exhibition building in Schlosspark Haus Weitmar.'


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