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Editing Challenge | W. Zurborn vs. Alexa Becker



Photobook expert Wolfgang Zurborn competed against Alexa Becker on 19.1.23 to create a book dummy from Richard Grando's image material. In the Zoom Talk, the experts presented their approach and discussed their results with the viewers. Finally, Richard evaluated the book dummies. As always, the photo book professionals showed us step-by-step how to achieve their results.

What were the differences between the photo book designs? Manuela Bust summed it up wonderfully in words: "If the two designs had a soundscape: Alexa's book is a rushing party with bird calls, crying, laughing, city sounds, clinking glasses and wind in crackling leaves. It is loud and quiet and wild and gentle. Wolfgang's book sits in a soft, scuffed velvet armchair, the sounds muffled by a dark molleton fabric. It's so quiet that you become completely immersed in each double-page spread."


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Wolfgang Zurborn's design

About the participants:

Alexa Becker is a 'Photography Coach / Publishing Consultant' and studied art history at the University of Heidelberg before joining Kehrer Verlag. 'There I gained diverse experience in PR, sales, project management and finally: book production. In my last position as Acquisitions Editor, I was responsible for the selection and acquisition of new photo projects and expanded the spectrum of titles. I was also invited as an expert to portfolio reviews and as a juror at many international festivals and competitions, a role that allowed me to build an incredible network of photographers and professionals in the field, giving me access to other makers and experts. My passion is to recognise the individual strength of each photographic project and help artists develop their projects to reflect their authenticity in their work. While maintaining a close relationship with Kehrer Verlag, I will use my experience and extensive network to provide independent advice and referrals to photographers.'

Wolfgang Zurborn is a DFA board member and founder of the Cologne Lichtblick School. He is internationally known for his photo book workshops,

Richard Grando was born in Romania in 1987 and lives with his wife and two daughters in Ortenburg, Lower Bavaria. 'I use photography as a means of artistic expression. I am attracted by the tension between the pain of transience and the beauty of life. I came to photography about 10 years ago and have been working as a part-time photographer since 2015.'

© Richard Grando
Alexa Becker's photobook dummy
Wolfgang Zurborn's photobook dummy
Richard Grando reacting to the two layouts

We would like to thank 'KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN – Förderprogramm für digitale Content-Produktion in Kultureinrichtungen' for their support. This funding project is supported by Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, NEUSTART KULTUR and Kulturstiftung der Länder.

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Editing Challenge | Wolfgang Zurborn vs. Alexa Becker

Editing Challenge | Wolfgang Zurborn vs. Alexa Becker

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