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With: Elias Redstone & Yasmin Meinicke



'Artistic Photography & Market' (VIII)

Guests: Elias Redstone (CEO, PHOTO 2022, Melbourne) and Yasmin Meinicke (CEO, Biennale for Contemporary Photography, Mannheim)

In their first English-language Instagram Talk, Eldagsen & Hagmann talk to Elias Redstone, CEO of the Australian festival PHOTO 2022 (Melbourne) and Yasmin Meinicke, CEO of Biennale for Contemporary Photography (Mannheim).

We shed light on the connections between photography festivals and the art market and take a look behind the scenes of two festivals that are among the most important in their country. How are festivals funded? How do festivals and commercial galleries collaborate? How do you find a festival theme?

Watch recording on Instagram.

Watch recording on YouTube.


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Instagram Talk with Elias Redstone and Yasmin Meinicke

Instagram Talk with Elias Redstone and Yasmin Meinicke

Recording on YouTube


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