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With: Helena Melikov & Christian Dettler



"Photography & Publishers" II

Eldagsen & Hagmann spoke to Helena Melikov & Christian Dettler, the brains behind Shift Books (Berlin) about photo book publishing on 14.6.23: How to make bookmaking vegan and sustainable. How to promote photo books effectively, and why there are no bestseller lists of photo books. Which book Helena and Christian always wanted to publish and which competitor's book they would have liked to do themselves. As an additional discussion partner, the artist Charlie Stein joins the round and explains why a book is a portal and why there are too few books in this world.

About Shift Books:

  • "Since 2018 we publish books on contemporary art, photography and social interest. With our program we want to offer a forum for artistically significant and socially relevant topics. In doing so, we focus on publishing diversity with a range of topics that touches us, inspires us, and points the way to a different future.
  • Our publications are created in close collaboration with artists and authors with the aim of creating a joint work – not infrequently with the desire to elevate the book itself to a work of art. One of our focuses is on holistic sustainable and if possible vegan production." #proudtoprintvegan




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DFA Instagram Talk | Helena Melikov & Christian Dettler

DFA Instagram Talk | Helena Melikov & Christian Dettler

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