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Transparent Portfolio Review | Dolek / Paulenka / Gust

Portfolio reviews are usually a one-on-one affair that takes place exclusively between the reviewer and the photographer. Inspired by our Portfolio Walk, 3 experts review the same portfolio of a photographer at the same time. In doing so, they not only get to talk to the photographer, but also to each other. An interested audience watches and discusses the differences in the evaluation with us.

This time Agnes Zimmermann presented her works to Carine Dolek, Marina Paulenka and Thomas Gust. Why Thomas wanted to see more pictures, Marina believes that every project has only 1 design that serves its purpose and Carine sees the contrast of "focused/unfocused" as Agnes' common thread, you can find out in our recording. Thanks to Agnes Zimmermann for presenting her work and to the reviewers for their willingness to experiment and their professional feedback.


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  • Carine Dolek:
  • Carine Dolek is a curator, strategist and author, specializing in emerging photography and visual arts, as well as collaborative projects. In 2022, in partnership with the Deutsche Fotografische Akademie (DFA) and the French online magazine 9 Lives, she initiated Ukrainian Meetings, a communication channel for Ukrainian artists and cultural practitioners. In 2020, with the Moroccan artist Yoriyas, she curated “Sourtna, Moroccan photographers of today and tomorrow” the inaugural exhibition of the first Moroccan national museum of photography with 15 photographers and video artists from the emerging Moroccan scene. She is a member of the Fetart collective, creator and organiser of the Circulation(s) festival of young European photography she cofounded in 2011. She is the co-curator of the A4 residency, a Franco-Portuguese residency created with Fetart and the Portuguese structure Ci.Clo.
  • @realcarinedolekestformidable

  • Marina Paulenka:
  • Marina Paulenka is Director of Exhibitions at Fotografiska Berlin, where she is responsible for the museum’s exhibition strategy. Prior to Fotografiska, Paulenka was Artistic Director of UNSEEN Foundation and UNSEEN, an Amsterdam based platform for contemporary photography that presents the latest developments in the field of photography and amplifies the careers of boundary-pushing artists. From 2008-2019 Paulenka worked as Director and Curator at the Organ Vida International Photography Festival, the leading institution for contemporary photography in Croatia. Paulenka is a member of the Creative Committee at the Bristol Photo festival, a guest curator at FUTURES Photography 2021, and a keynote curator for FORMAT21 International Photography Festival. She is the recipient of the Lucie Awards 2018 for a best curator/ exhibition of the year for the exhibition “Engaged, Active, Aware: Women Perspectives Now”. Paulenka nominates photographers for The Joop Swart Masterclass, the Prix Pictet, the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize and she is an international juror and portfolio reviewer at many institutions, awards and festivals worldwide.
  • @marinapaulenka

  • Thomas Gust:
  • Thomas Gust (born 1972) lives and works as a freelance artistic photographer, publisher, gallery owner and photography lecturer in Berlin. Using analogue multiple exposures and collages of photographs, overpaintings and archival images, Thomas Gust develops photographic series that reinforce the fictional, narrative moments of the images. In this way, larger geographical and historical contexts are established and narrated. Together with the photographer, curator and designer Ana Druga, he runs the photobook publishing house Buchkunst Berlin and the gallery of the same name in Berlin-Mitte. Thomas Gust teaches at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin on the subject of photo history, photo book history and photo book design. He has received teaching assignments at the University of Arts and Applied Sciences Dortmund and the FH Potsdam. Workshops and lectures at photographic institutions, e.g. AdK Berlin, UdK Berlin, ARU Cambridge, Hartford School New York and many more. New strategies for visualising and communicating the analogue medium of the photobook in times of its ever-increasing digital perception is one of the central themes of his work.
  • @thomas.gust


  • Agnes Zimmermann:
  • Agnes was born in 1998, and is currently living in Münster, Germany.
    She is a photographer and artist focusing on experimental photography, documentary and portraits. Since 2021, I am a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.
  • Education
    2018-2022: BA Photography at
    University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund
    2015: internship at Fotografie Wattendorff, Münster
  • Exhibitions
    2022: solo exhibition at “Grey”, Münster, as part of the event “Autumn Leaves: Jazz & Art inspiriert von Chet Baker”
    2022: group exhibition as part of the “B-Side Festival”, Münster
    2018: solo exhibition at “Die Sophie”, Münster
    2017: solo exhibition as part of the “B-Side Festival”, Münster
  • Publications
    Werkhaus #3: And isn’t it better really to leave things only hinted at? – Zine, Workhorse Collective, 2022
    Nullnummer – University Magazine of the FH Dortmund Design, 2021
    Under Her Gaze We Feel Golden – Zine, Pineapple Road Press, 2021
  • Reviews & Awards
    2022: Portfolio Walk (DFA), Deichtorhallen Hamburg


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Transparent Portfolio Review | Dolek / Paulenka / Gust

Transparent Portfolio Review | Dolek / Paulenka / Gust

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