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Reverse Portfolio Walk | N.Kepesz x A.Diefenbach



The Reverse Portfolio Walk: Finalists of the Portfolio Walk discuss the portfolio of a DFA member in a Zoom Talk. The DFA member discusses the work of the young talent. This leads to a dialogue between the young talent and the DFA member.

On 26 April 2022, Natalia Kepesz and Andrea Diefenbach (DFA) met in a Zoom conversation.

You can watch the recording on YouTube or Facebook. Use the subtitles option of YouTube to translate the talk into a language of your choice.

Natalia Kepesz (1983)

  • The Polish photographer Natalia Kepesz lives and works in Berlin. After graduating in cultural studies and art history at the Humboldt University Berlin, she studied photography at the Ostkreuzschule Berlin. She uses photography as a means of self-expression to identify with hidden qualities of her character, to better understand her reality, and to express her interpretation of the world around her. By photographing, she transforms her own childhood memories. Growing up was always accompanied by the urge to discover something else.

Andrea Diefenbach (1974)

  • Andrea Diefenbach is a freelance photographer. She studied photography at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and works for German and international magazines and organisations as well as on personal long-term projects. She has already received many awards for her critical and emphatic reflections on social conditions and grievances.
  • Her first book "SPID - AIDS in Odessa" about the AIDS epidemic in Ukraine was published in 2008. Her second book to date, "Land ohne Eltern" (Country without Parents), was published in November 2012 and in a second edition in June 2016. Here she dealt with labour migration from the Republic of Moldova and accompanied divided families for several years: the children in the Republic of Moldova and their parents, who mostly live illegally in Italy, the country in the EU to which most Moldovans emigrate.
  • She taught as a lecturer at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld and Darmstadt from 2013 to 2016. Since September 2016, she has been a lecturer in the Camera Arts programme at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Host: Thekla Ehling

Natalia Kepesz presents the work of Andrea Diefenbach.
Andrea Diefenbach presents the work of Natalia Kepesz.

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Reverse Portfolio Walk | N.Kepesz x A.Diefenbach

Reverse Portfolio Walk | N.Kepesz x A.Diefenbach

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