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Reverse Portfolio Walk | Agnes Zimmermann x Sabine Schründer

The Reverse Portfolio Walk: Finalists of the Portfolio Walk discuss the portfolio of a DFA member in a Zoom Talk. The DFA member discusses the work of the young talent. This leads to a dialogue between the young talent and the DFA member.

On June 26th, Agnes Zimmermann and Sabine Schründer, spoke about the intention of staged images, photo book formats and why it is important to let yourself be surprised. Hosted by Thekla Ehling.

About the participants:

Agnes Zimmermann

  • Agnes was born in 1998 and currently lives in Münster, Germany.
  • She is a photographer and artist with a focus on experimental photography, documentation and portraits. I am a scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation since 2021.
  • Education
  • 2018-2022: BA Photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund.
  • 2015: Internship at Fotografie Wattendorff, Münster
  • Exhibitions
  • 2022: Solo exhibition at "Grey", Münster, as part of the event "Autumn Leaves: Jazz & Art inspired by Chet Baker".
  • 2022: Group exhibition as part of the "B-Side Festival", Münster
  • 2018: Solo exhibition at "Die Sophie", Münster
  • 2017: Solo exhibition as part of the "B-Side Festival", Münster
  • Publications
  • Werkhaus #3: And isn't it better really to leave things only hinted at? - Zine, Workhorse Collective, 2022
  • Nullnummer - University magazine of the FH Dortmund Design, 2021
  • Under Her Gaze We Feel Golden - Zine, Pineapple Road Press, 2021
  • Reviews & Awards
  • 2022: Portfolio Walk (DFA), Deichtorhallen Hamburg

Sabine Schründer

  • After studying photography in Bielefeld, a semester abroad in Melbourne and a longer stay in Tokyo, Sabine moved to Berlin in 1999, where she has been living as an artist and photographer ever since. Together with seven other artists, she founded and established "Loris - Gallery for Contemporary Art" from 2007 - 2012. She has been teaching photography and visual media at the Lette Verein Berlin since 2006.


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Reverse Portfolio Walk | Agnes Zimmermann x Sabine Schründer

Reverse Portfolio Walk | Agnes Zimmermann x Sabine Schründer

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