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Archival Item of the Month | September 2023

David Ocatvius Hill - Medal. Draft text Heinrich Freytag, 1964.

As the DFA Executive Committee is currently considering how to give the DOH medal new forms, the Archives contributes a small sketch from 1964. The draft was drawn up by Heinrich Freytag, later GDL chairman.

At that time, there was another award, the GDL ring of honor, which was awarded for personal services to the photographers' association. For it, the finger measurement of the person to be awarded actually had to be taken in advance.

The DOH medal was awarded for the first time in 1955, the ceremony took place in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt.

It was named after the Scottish photographer, painter and lithographer David Octavius Hill (1805 - 1870), who together with his partner Robert Adamson (1821 - 1848) was one of the pioneers of artistic photography.


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