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Archival Item Of The Month | November 2021


Hofheim am Taunus

Marta Hoepffner Private Photo School

Hofheim am Taunus

On July 5, 1962, Marta Hoepffner complied with GDL Chairman Heinrich Freytag's request to submit information about her school for the GDL newsletters. She returned a description of the short courses and the program of annual training at her school.

Hoepffner operated her photography school from 1949, the year she joined the GDL. In her training, she consequently placed great emphasis on artistic training in addition to craft training. The Private Fotoschule, founded together with her sister Madeleine, moved from Taunus to Lake Constance in 1971, and Hoepffner retired from the school in 1975.

© Archiv Deutsche Fotografische Akademie (GDL/DFA)
© Archiv Deutsche Fotografische Akademie (GDL/DFA)

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