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Archival Item of the Month | March/April 2024



New addition to the photographic collection: artist's books by Michael Jochum

In his photographic work, Michael Jochum has been working with artists' books for a long time. For photography, the book is the ideal medium for presentation, and the artist's book is also a total work of art, conceived in every detail by the author.

Jochum is currently compiling a collection of his artist's books for the DFA Photographic Collection.

Here are views of "Analog Alphabet", a photo leporello from 2013, based on "alfabet" (1981) by the poet Inger Christensen. Jochum has selected associative image chains from his photo project "Flor" analogue to her construction principle of the Fibonacci series and created an articulated and highly changeable object.

More on this soon in the DFA podcast with Michael Jochum.

Michael Jochum, "Künstlerbuch Analog Aphabet", 2013 © Archiv Deutsche Fotografische Akademie (GDL/DFA)

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