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Bye bye LE, welcome Mannheim!



Bye bye LE, welcome Mannheim!

The starting signal for the DFA's new headquarters in the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums was the relocation of the archive in April.

Snowstorm in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, bright sunshine in Mannheim. For months, board member Andreas Langen had set the course for the DFA's new location. Then the big clearing: DFA archivist Corinna Weidner packed 20 meters of documents and boxes of library, Wolfram Janzer and Bernhard Widmann the photo collection. 200 kilometers later, everything was moved to the depot of ZEPHYR - Raum für Fotografie im rem Mannheim, with the active support of Thomas Schirmböck (head of ZEPHYR) and registrar Marianne Aselmeier. Andreas Langen posted euphorically: "The eagle has landed. A small step for us, but a giant leap for photography". Since the 1970s, the DFA had met in Leinfelden-Echterdingen on the initiative of Willi Moegle, who lived and worked there. An era comes to an end, an exciting future begins.

Photos: Andreas Langen

Das DFA-Schriftgutachriv zieht um.jpg
The DFA archive moves
DFA-Plakate und Akten.jpg
DFA posters and files
DFA-Umzug aus dem Stadtarchiv Leinfelden-Echterdingen.jpg
DFA move from the Leinfelden-Echterdingen municipal archive
Bernhard Widmann und Corinna Weidner kurz vor der Abfahrt in LE.jpg
Bernhard Widmann and Corinna Weidner shortly before departure in LE
von li nach re_Andreas Langen, Jürgen Helmbrecht Stadtarchiv LE, Corinna Weidner, Bernhard Widmann.jpg
Andreas Langen, Jürgen Helmbrecht (municipal archive LE), Corinna Weidner, Bernhard Widmann

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