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Archival Item of the Month | January 2024

Inge Osswald: Feather (Feather)

New addition to the archive from the estate of Hansi Müller-Schorp: The curator and journalist Dorothea Cremer-Schacht and the photographer Lydia Lazi were close confidants of the late Hansi Müller-Schorp. They have kindly donated a small collection from her estate to the DFA archive.

It contains, among other things, color photographs by GDL photographers that were shown in the large anniversary exhibition "Photography 1919-1979 Made in Germany". This includes the work "Feder" by Inge Osswald, part of a thematic series taken between 1972-1975. 30 x 40 cm format.

Inge Osswald | "Feder", 1972-75 © Archiv Deutsche Fotografische Akademie (GDL/DFA)

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