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Archival Item Of The Month | February 2022



New additions to the archives through Gert Körner

I came across a small hint in the archive that Gert Körner (GDL member since 1972) had temporarily taken care of just that. The archive did not yet exist in its present form, but it was clear that Körner had received and stored documents. It can be assumed that these found their way into the Leinfelden city archive.

Through classic research I was able to contact the son of the now deceased. Dietrich Körner told about how he had accompanied his father to GDL meetings as a youth. Now Körner Junior has kindly donated to the DFA archives both files and extensive photos of his father, which he took during conferences and private members' meetings. Many thanks! The highly gratifying growth of the photo-documentary archive poses a challenge: the assignment of the members pictured. In this respect I am happy about any contact from older members who can contribute their knowledge here!

Corinna Weidner, Head of DFA-Archives

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