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Archival Item Of The Month | August 2022



Regina Relang 116/50

Born 116 years ago on August 23, active member of the GDL/DFA from 1952 and awarded the David Octavius Hill Medal in 1972: Regina Relang (1906 - 1989).

The self-taught photographer began taking photographs while travelling in the 1930s, and her pictures found their way into Vogue, among other publications, via the "Three Lions" agency. Paris - Berlin - Munich were Relang's stations, from the latter she advanced to become the Grande Dame of fashion photography in post-war Germany. By the way, Relang's younger sister, the photographer Urs Lang-Kurz, was also a member of the GDL.

Relang is seen here (in the photo on the right) at the vernissage of the exhibition "Photography 1919-1979 Made in Germany. The GDL Photographers" at the Munich Fotomuseum in 1979.

© Archiv Deutsche Fotografische Akademie (GDL/DFA) / Hanns Hubmann.

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