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Obituary of Peter Gauditz



Obituary of Peter Gauditz

On 10.10.2022 Peter Gauditz, photographer and DFA member since 1977, passed away after a long illness in Hannover at the age of 85.

Peter Gauditz was born on 24.07.1937 in Magdeburg, he came alone to Hannover in 1958, his family followed later. Trained as a commercial photographer by trade, he passed his master's examination at the Bundesfachschule für Fotografie in Hamburg in 1963 and soon became self-employed. After participating in one of the first photo exhibitions in 1969 at the Kubus in Hanover, he met the photographers Heinrich Riebesehl and Joachim Giesel.

Together they decided to install a gallery for photography in Hanover.

With the name "Spectrum Photogalerie", the various areas of this medium were to be shown in order to serve the better appreciation of photography in society. The city of Hannover generously supported this idea!

A total of 88 exhibitions with corresponding catalogs were thus successfully presented. Then, in the 1980s, when the Sprengel Museum Hannover incorporated photography and established its own department for photography and media - which today enjoys great, even international recognition - the foundation stone was laid. Peter Gauditz was one of the initiators.

His commitment was great! We miss him very much!

Joachim Giesel

© Katrin Gauditz | Peter Gauditz, ca. 2010

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