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Through the exhibition with // Simone Demandt: 'Collective Minds' Port 25, Mannheim



What happens when two photo enthusiasts with different focuses and preferences visit an exhibition, discuss it and share it with others via an Insta Livestream?

Simone Demandt (DFA) visits the exhibition "Collective Minds - Anna Ehrenstein, Anouk Kruithof, Kelebogile Ntladi" in Mannheim's "PORT 25 - Raum für Gegenwartskunst" with Boris Eldagsen (DFA) on 1 April. Both are streaming this visit live on Instagram - so that Alexander Hagmann (dieMotive) and everyone watching can discuss the exhibition with the two. This online format is implemented in cooperation with the "Digital Dialogue Day" of the Biennale for Contemporary Photography.

Watch the recording on Instagram:

Watch the recording on YouTube:

About the exhibition:

  • 'In our networked society, we use, share and communicate with images to connect and feel connected to others. Photographing and filming oneself is a powerful tool for expressing one's identity and searching for like-minded people online. Social media acts as a platform to showcase and support life styles that deviate from the mainstream. The selected artists have built online and offline networks with young people from diverse backgrounds, from creative entrepreneurs in Senegal to queer communities in South Africa. The works in the Collective Minds exhibition are situated in the fields of fashion, sports and popular music, in which identity plays a central role. The artists show alternative ways of living together and create a collective consciousness across borders and prejudices. Thanks to this collaborative effort, the Collective Minds exhibition releases an intoxicating energy in which the process of creating the works can be felt.'
  • Curator: Iris Sikking.

About Simone Demandt:

  • 'At the age of 13, I discovered medium-format photography with an Agfa Click I, including developing in an improvised basement laboratory. From 1979 to 1985, I studied drawing, painting and above all interdisciplinary processes at the Stuttgart Art Academy and came back to the still image via video film. I worked as an assistant director and did my traineeship as an art teacher at grammar schools. Since 1987 I have worked as a freelance artist on extensive conceptual series of works, taught and curated exhibitions.'

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DFA press materials:

Through the exhibition with // Simone Demandt: "Collective Minds" PORT 25 Mannheim

Through the exhibition with // Simone Demandt: "Collective Minds" PORT 25 Mannheim

Recording on YouTube.


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