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THROUGH THE RAW-FESTIVAL WITH // Eldagsen, Hagmann & Guests



Early April on Facebook and Instagram

Eldagsen & Hagmann are transferring their LIVE exhibition format to the RAW Photo Triennial in Worpswede - to show themselves, and those who stayed at home, the highlights of this event.

  • About RAW Photo Triennial:
  • Social, political and societal reality is characterised by changes, crises and critical moments. Whether technological innovations, ecological catastrophes, demographic upheavals or socio-cultural paradigm shifts – the world is at a turning point.
  • With the theme „Turning Point. Turning World“, the fourth edition of RAW aims to focus on this process of radical change and to present artists whose works intensively engage with the social, political and ecological narratives of our world. The selection will be made by an (inter)national team of curators.
  • Under the four keywords #RISK, #FAKE, #EGO and #NEXT, the central exhibitions of the RAW Photo Triennial on this year’s theme „Turning Point. Turning World“, the central exhibitions of the RAW Photo Triennial offer a mixture of current documentary and artistic photo and video works.


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