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DFA Podcast #27 | Michael Jochum: The inner world of the outer world



Michael Jochum: The inner world of the outer world

Michael Jochum is in many ways an exceptional photographer within the DFA. He is self-taught, works only in black and white, only analog and exclusively free. However, he has nothing to do with the retro-romanticizing ideas of analogue photography. Michael Jochum studied under photo artist Michael Schmidt, the founder of the legendary "Werkstatt für Photographie" in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

An artist through and through, Michael Jochum is concerned with the existential questions of life, and he also explores photography in a very experimental way: Photographing without a viewfinder, always without a tripod, re-photographing and often as if in a performance.

In the podcast with Corinna Weidner, Michael Jochum talks about his life choice for photography, why he is no longer interested in the images he has in his head, working in the darkroom and, of course, about Michael Schmidt. Michael Jochum's "photography project", which he has been running at the VHS Munich for 35 years, is part of Schmidt's workshop legacy.

43 min

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© Michael Jochum, "Je est un autre", 1992

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