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DFA Podcast #26 | Hans Schreiner: Institute for Photojournalism 1950s



Hans Schreiner: Institute for Photojournalism 1950s

The photographer Hans Schreiner founded the "Institute for Photojournalism" in Munich in 1948. A central training centre for photo reporters and photojournalists in the booming magazine landscape of the post-war period. Well-known students of the institute include Barbara Niggel and Karin Székessy.

At the same time, Hans Schreiner also taught the subject at the Munich School of Photography, where he himself had studied in the 1920s and taught from the 1930s onwards. Peter Keetman was his student there.

Hans Schreiner was characterised by the New Vision and taught highly precise principles of undisguised, direct photography. His modern teaching style opened the doors to the international world of photography for his students.

In the podcast with Corinna Weidner, photographer Dieter Hinrichs remembers his favourite teacher, Hans Schreiner (1905-1961, member of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Lichtbildner from 1951), who died far too young and has been unjustly forgotten.

The portrait of Hans Schreiner was taken by his colleague Rosemarie Nohr in 1948 and made available by Dieter Hinrichs.

33 min

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Portrait von Hans Schreiner © Rosemarie Nohr 1948

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