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DFA Podcast #24 | Ingrid Autenrieth: ADOX, Adenauer and Architecture

DFA Podcast #24 | Ingrid Autenrieth: ADOX, Adenauer and Architecture

The photographer Ingrid Autenrieth (1926-2023) made a career for herself as a young woman shortly after the war. She became a member of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Lichtbildner in 1952.

Ingrid Autenrieth photographed the ruins of the post-war period, worked as an advertising photographer for the ADOX photo company, took portraits of artists and helped to shape the image of emancipated women.

Completely free in her choice of subject matter since the 1960s, the accomplished architectural photographer was always interested in avant-garde Brutalist buildings such as those by Herbert Dörr and Carlfried Mutschler, whose polymorphic multi-hall in Mannheim she also photographed in 1975.

She travelled the world from the 1980s onwards, switching to colour, photographic abstractions and a great deal of commitment to women artists: In the podcast, art historian Susanne Meier-Faust sheds light on the work and career of a photographer that reflects the Federal Republic of Germany in the 20th century. She knew Ingrid Wieland-Autenrieth (surname) very well and knows not only about her hospitality, but also about the explosive background to the Adenauer portrait.

41 min

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© Ingrid Autenrieth | IIWA Treppenhaus Dörr, 1968
© Ingrid Autenrieth | IWA-Treppenhalle Mutschler Südasien-Institut Heidelberg, 1970

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