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DFA Podcast #16 | Klinsky, Klinsky & Klinsky



DFA Podcast #16

Klinsky, Klinsky & Klinsky

A peculiar confusion between the two photographers Friedrich Klinsky and Josef-Emil Klinsky (GDL member) is the starting point of this podcast. Alexander Klinsky has researched and worked through the biography of his father, the Viennese press photographer Friedrich (Fritz) Klinsky. The podcast photo shows his father in 1946.

Why he is not the photographer, journalist and publisher Emil-Josef (Smetanic) Klinsky and what he also found out about him, he explains in an interview with Corinna Weidner. A journey from Vienna via Moscow to the USA and through Austrian press photography from the 1940s to the 1980s: with dazzling figures like Curt Ponger and photo agencies like Schostal and the CEP-Bilderdienst in the midst of the Vienna newspaper war.

Alexander Klinsky's research is a motivating example for all private researchers who want to follow in the footsteps of their families. The result:

25 min

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Foto © Alexander-Klinsky


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DFA Podcast #16 | Klinsky, Klinsky & Klinsky

DFA Podcast #16 | Klinsky, Klinsky & Klinsky

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