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DFA Podcast #12 | Photographing people with disabilities

DFA Podcast #12

Photographing people with disabilities

Photographing people with disabilities. Why is this a niche? Who takes on this topic, what motivation does it require and what is expressed in the choice of formal aesthetic means?

In the DFA podcast with Corinna Weidner, Christoph Linzbach talks about the necessary attitude that photographers need to take in order to achieve successful photos and a broad social dimension.

In addition to the photographic work of Günter Hildenhagen, Christoph Linzbach explains the impression made on him by the work of Hermine Oberück (her photo "Epilepsy OP Bielefeld" from 2000 backs this podcast), Nancy Ludwig, Carsten Büll and Christopher Mavrič. He talks about picture agencies like and art as a way of interpreting life with restriction and disability.

"The real challenge in photography are the people" says Carsten Büll about his work. More self-evidence for the topic is required. That's why this podcast is mandatory.

30 mins

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Note to our English-speaking subscribers: This talk is in German, but if you watch the recording on YouTube, you can have English subtitles generated.


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DFA-Podcast #12 | Photographing people with disabilities

DFA-Podcast #12 | Photographing people with disabilities

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