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DFA-Podcast #10 | Claudio Hils



DFA Podcast #10

Claudio Hils: Landscape Photography as Crime Scene Description

The photographer Claudio Hils, a member of the German Photographic Academy since 1999, captures in his artistic-documentary long-term projects how processes of change are reflected in landscape spaces.

Hils is currently showing village structures that are being blown up by globalisation processes in a joint exhibition (which he also curated) at the Bauernhausmuseum Wolfegg. The inexorability of the force of change is shown here in Upper Swabia, where the traces of urbanisation, land consolidation and mechanisation are inscribed in an apparent postcard idyll.

In the podcast with Andreas Langen, Claudio Hils talks about intentional de-idealisations, the formative colour lab experiences during his studies at the GHS University Essen and the path from photojournalistic work to author photography in the exhibition and publication sector.

Exhibition "Man-made. Photographic views of the landscapes of our time" until 3 October 2022:

21 min

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Note to our English-speaking subscribers: This talk is in German, but if you watch the recording on YouTube, you can have English subtitles generated.


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DFA-Podcast #10 | Claudio Hils

DFA-Podcast #10 | Claudio Hils

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