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DFA Anniversary Publication | 1000 Realities - 100 Years of GDL/DFA

The publication "1000 Realities - 100 Years of GDL/DFA" is based on the exhibition of the same name at the Haus der Photographie, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, in autumn 2019.

It consists of 10 large-format catalogues of 30x30cm each, combined in a slipcase. It is available now at

With works by more than 150 photographers, the exhibition "1000 Realities" showed the great diversity of artistic photography in Germany over the last 100 years, and the title makes it clear that the DFA has an open eye for the most diverse artistic strategies of this medium. Wolfgang Zurborn curated it in such a way that visions for the future were directly juxtaposed with historical photographic positions.

In line with the exhibition, the publication is also about raising awareness of the various forms of expression of the medium of photography. It moves between authenticity and staging, image and abstraction, document and fiction, intuition and concept. Photos of the exhibition's installation walls alternate with individually highlighted photographs and short, concise quotations by the photographers. A visual interplay that takes up the idea of the exhibition in its unique thematic diversity.

A separate booklet is dedicated to the history of the DFA, which was presented by Corinna Weidner and Wolfram Janzer in a separate exhibition section. This historically significant collection is illustrated with numerous excerpts from the written and pictorial archives.

The set of 10 is rounded off with a booklet about the varied conference programme during the exhibition festival week, including pictures of the making-of. It also includes the presentation of the winners of the David Octavius Hill Medal 2019 Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler with a laudation by Ingo Taubhorn, curator of the House of Photography, Deichtorhallen Hamburg.

Information about the publication:

  • Photographs and texts by members of the DFA
  • Design: Ruth Stoltenberg, Wolfgang Zurborn

Price: 68,- Euro (for members of the DFA: 34,- Euro)

ISBN: 978-3-949672-00-2

DFA Jubiläums-Publikation

DFA press materials:

Flick-Through-Video of the DFA Anniversary Publication

Flick-Through-Video of the DFA Anniversary Publication

Flick-Through-Video of the DFA Anniversary Publication '1000 Realities - 100 Years of GDL/DFA'


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