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DFA-Podcast #1| Who we are and what we do

DFA-Podcast #1

Who we are and what we do

DFA members Corinna Weidner and Andreas Langen contribute to the podcast, each with their own focus:

Corinna Weidner, who has been researching and systematically indexing the Academy's written archive for some time, makes the tradition speak for itself. She exchanges views with contemporary witnesses and academics who have directly followed and participated in the developments and debates of the past decades.

Andreas Langen, on the other hand, takes current works by Academy members as an opportunity to talk to them about their position within contemporary photography.

In episode #1, both explain what the DFA actually is: ' Nowhere is artistic photography discussed as hotly as in the German Photographic Academy. And it has been doing so for over 100 years. How does the Academy do it? How does one become a member? Are they professionals or amateurs? A look behind the scenes and a preview of future podcast talks with DFA members Andreas Langen and Corinna Weidner.'

16 min

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Note to our English-speaking subscribers: This talk is in German, but if you watch the recording on YouTube, you can have English subtitles generated.


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DFA-Podcast #1| Who we are and what we do

DFA-Podcast #1| Who we are and what we do

YouTube version of the podcast.


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