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31.1.: Reverse Portfolio Walk | Eckart Bartnik x Hans-Christian Schink

Tuesday, 31.1.23, 8pm on Zoom and Facebook LIVE.

Zoom link to participate:

The Reverse Portfolio Walk: Portfolio Walk finalists discuss a DFA member's portfolio in a Zoom Talk. The DFA member discusses the work of the emerging talent. This leads to a dialogue between the young talent and the DFA member.

  • This time with Eckart Bartnik and Hans-Christian Schink (DFA).
  • Moderated by Thekla Ehling

About the participants:

Eckart Bartnik

Eckart Bartnik works as a cell and molecular biologist in drug research. Photography was initially a scientific tool for him, which increasingly developed into an essential means of artistic expression. Numerous workshops with renowned photographers shaped his visual language. Since the 1980s, his work has been shown internationally in group and solo exhibitions and published in daily newspapers such as the FAZ, magazines and trade journals (e.g. Stern, Wings) as well as online (e.g. Spiegel-Online, The Guardian). Eckart Bartnik lives in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Hans-Christian Schink

Hans-Christian Schink, born 1961, studied photography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. Today he is one of the most important representatives of contemporary landscape photography. The dialogue between nature and civilisation is at the centre of his works, which often take years to complete. He usually focuses on landscapes that have been reshaped by man, but are - almost - always devoid of people. His pictorial language, influenced by romanticism, is determined by precise composition, which is preceded by exact observation and analysis.


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