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Postponed: Through the exhibition with // Markus Weckesser: gute aussichten 2021/22


Neustadt / Weinstraße

UPDATE: Due to illness, the visit will be postponed. A new date has not yet been set

LIVE on Instagram:

What happens when two photo enthusiasts with different focuses and preferences visit an exhibition, exchange ideas about it and share it with others via an Insta Livestream?

Markus Weckesser visits the exhibition "gute aussichten 2021/22" at Haardter Castle in Neustadt / Weinstraße with Eldagsen & Hagmann - LIVE on Instagram.

Keyimage: .Natalia Kepesz

About the exhibition:

For the 18th time, the competition for young photography was announced. The latest edition 2021/22 features: children growing up in precarious circumstances (Tamara Eckhardt), young people playing war (Natalia Kepesz), threat and strangeness in one's own homeland (Vanessa A. Opoku), the pitfalls of foreign cultures (Zoyeon), the (un)culture of model house parks in Germany (Fiona Körner), 18 meticulous chapters of photography (Maximilian Gessler), pictorial testimonies through the marriage of analogue and digital techniques (Alexander Kadow), the taming of the viral and volatile language of internet memes by means of "Trojan horses" (Max Dauven) - the current award winners: inside move in their works along a timeline that embraces the present, the past and the future in equal measure.

About Markus Weckesser:

Markus is a trained daily newspaper editor and has been the education and public relations officer at the Verband Südwestdeutscher Zeitungsverleger e.V. in Stuttgart since 2020. Among other things, he organises the seminars at JBB - Journalistische Berufsbildung, an academy where daily newspaper trainees are trained and editors receive further training. As a photo expert, he invented the alternative festival Off/Foto, which since then has regularly brought the contemporary photo scene to the Rhine and Neckar. He lives in Heidelberg, loves the Ruhr region, Dutch bicycles of all kinds and has a doppelganger in Mannheim's Neckarstadt.

© Natalia Kepesz

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