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With: Annekathrin Kohout



"Writing & Talking about Photography" (V)

Guest: Annekathrin Kohout (Digitale Bildwelten)

Eldagsen & Hagmann spoke with cultural historian and media scholar Annekathrin Kohout on 20 April 2022 about her writing at the intersection of pop, internet phenomena and art: How undervalued are algorithms? Is everything pop? What is art? Does a pop museum make sense? And why is everyone crying over Tumblr?

Kohout studied German language and literature at the TU Dresden, art history and media theory at the HfG Karlsruhe and photography at the HGB Leipzig. She worked at the ZKM Karlsruhe until 2015. She is a freelance writer, research associate at the University of Siegen and publisher and editor of the journal Pop. Culture and Criticism. Together with Wolfgang Ullrich, she edits the book series "Digitale Bildkulturen" at the Klaus Wagenbach publishing house.

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Instagram Talk with Annekathrin Kohout

Instagram Talk with Annekathrin Kohout

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